We have seperate hourly rates for our children aged under 2 years old and over 2 years old. This reflects the staff:child ratios required for our younger children.


          Children Aged Under 2 Years Old

£7.65 per hour





           Children Aged Over 2 Years Old

£7.48 per hour





                                               Out Of School Care

Breakfast Club £7.30

(including drop off to school and breakfast)


After school Club 

£12.60 for a booking until 5pm

or £15.25 for a booking until 5.30pm

(including pick up from school and snack)



There is no charge incurred on bank holidays

Holidays must be booked with a member of staff a minimum of 4 weeks in advance in order to benefit from half fees

A late collection charge is appliable when there has not been a prior agreement to the change in hours

A sibling discount will apply for siblings attending together when there is no funding being claimed for either child that week (when the full time rate is not applied)





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